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The Tea Book, DK Publishers

This year has been devoted to research and inspiration for The Tea Book, a collaboration with DK publishing (a division of Penguin Random House). Famous for their Eye Witness Travel books and many and varied guides to culinary pursuits, DK chose to publish a book on tea at a time when the world’s favourite hot beverage is poised to gain even more ground in markets around the world. This comprehensive primer for tea lovers will be available in book stores in early July.

I was thrilled to be invited to author The Tea Book. I have long felt that there is a need for a book that gives the reader the basis of knowledge about tea in a visual and informative style. The contents are organized so that we begin at the beginning – the tea plant – its botany, terroir and how it is produced. Illustrations, infographics and photos abound. Manufacturing, tea styles, their preparation and appreciation are outlined. There are spreads on the science of taste with an accompanying flavour wheel which helps to guide the reader to a clearer appreciation of their tea. Tea blending is explained with examples, both traditional and new. Spreads on tea growing regions of the world provide maps and key facts. World tea cultures and their unique tea traditions are described. The Japanese, Chinese and Korean ceremonies are beautifully shot with a simplified description of the steps involved.

A section on tisanes teaches how to find ingredients and prepare your own blends to alleviate various maladies. There are many other spreads of interest too numerous to name (it really is comprehensive!) The last pages are devoted to 75 tea beverage recipes including matcha lattés, tea smoothies and tea cocktails.

The creative mess in my tea lab while creating cocktails, smoothies and blends for The Tea Book

In true DK style, The Tea Book provides a complete coverage of the A-Z, 101 of tea – an accessible resource that I wish had been available when I was first beginning my tea studies.

A Sneak Peak:

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  • Bonnie Eng

    I’m so excited for your book to come out Linda! I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon. Can’t wait to receive it in July…perhaps you could sign it for me at the Tea Expo next year!? :)

  • theteastylist

    Thanks Bonnie! I have my advance copy and it looks wonderful. So much useful information about our favourite beverage. :)
    I would be happy to sign your copy at WTE next year! Were you there this year? If so, I’m sorry to have missed you!

  • Bonnie Eng

    Just received my copy today! Bravo Linda!! It’s amazing! Was thrilled to be the first to review on Amazon. Planning to share with my blog readers, will let you know when I do. Congratulations!! ;)

  • theteastylist

    Hi Bonnie, Thank you for your generous words! I’ve just read your Amazon review. So happy that you like the book. Let me know which recipes you try and how they turn out – also let me know if you need substitutes for any teas or ingredients in the recipes, I’d be happy to give some suggestions!

  • Brandon Ford

    Just purchased a copy and cannot wait to read it. It looks beautiful

  • theteastylist

    Hi Brandon! Glad to know you have a copy!! Hope all is well!