Who is The Tea Stylist?            

Linda Gaylard is author of The Tea Book, by DK Publishing (a division of Penguin Random House). Linda is also a Certified Tea Sommelier located in the city of Toronto, Canada. She graduated from a comprehensive program of study developed by George Brown College, with certification by The Tea Association of Canada. During her year-long training, Linda studied an extensive program of courses, including sensory perception, tea and food pairing, tea regions and terroir, tea history among other tea focused subjects.

In 2012, Linda travelled to South Korea and China. She visited artisan tea growers in Gyeongsangnam-do and tea gardens in Jeollanam-do – both are provinces at the southern tip of South Korea. While visiting Fujian and Zhejiang provinces of China she met with growers, producers, retailers and artisans.

The Tea Stylist is an ever-evolving weblog that provides readers – whether tea novices or enthusiasts – with knowledge of tea and its culture. You’ll also find engaging articles, reviews and photographs that illustrate tea’s influence on our world and highlight style’s intersection with tea, past and present.

Prior to her tea studies, Linda achieved renown as a wardrobe stylist and influencer within the fashion world. Her experience provides a unique perspective for readers who are seeking a diverse approach to tea appreciation. From tea’s noble past and courtly customs to innovative products and current news, The Tea Stylist makes a thorough examination of the universe of tea.

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Linda is a contributor to The Daily Tea (TeaMag) and has written for World Tea News

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