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Live From World Tea Expo 2011: Day 1

Friday June 24th I started my day in the “Tea Break” room. Located near the educational sessions and generously sponsored by Teas Etc. there were several tables of teas to choose from, including the Meyer Lemon that I tasted. They were all carefully pre-measured in unbleached paper tea bags ready to take the water that had also been carefully calculated for temperature. Amazing accuracy considering there were easily over 80 people to refresh! The day ahead was to be filled […]

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Live from World Tea Expo 2011: Arrival

Thursday June 23rd I arrived in Las Vegas today to 110° F  of blasting heat.  When I ventured on site at World Tea Expo to pick up my  badge I saw a hive of busy workers and exhibitors who were no doubt oblivious to the outside inferno as they constructed their booths in preparation for Friday’s 11am opening of the 2011 Expo. Although my schedule prevented me from participating in the World Origin Tasting Tour, I had the pleasure of […]

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Anticipation! World Tea Expo 2011, June 24th – 26th

When I attended World Tea Expo in 2010, it opened a world of possibilities. I was completing my studies at Toronto’s George Brown College Tea Sommelier program and a relative newbie to the commercial universe of tea. It was exciting and exhilarating to be near the greatest “tea minds” in the world! I had a chance to hear and ask questions of author and educator Jane Pettigrew, tea guru James Norwood Pratt and tea industry professionals. It was a heady […]